What is Adalo?

Adalo: An Emerging No code Tool for Creating Mobile Apps!

Adalo - Build Your Own No Code App

Are you desperately willing to create your business app in recent times? Well, making a business app is no challenging task these days. Well, with the No code app making tools like Adalo you don’t require any expert coding knowledge to perform all the associated development tasks.

You may have heard about some of the popular No code website building tools like Bubble IO. However, Adalo is a bit different, as this platform is specialized in mobile app making services.

What is the Adalo platform?

No-Code Platform: Adalo

Well, to get more clarity, Adalo is a popular mobile and web apps making platform that allows you to create, design, and launch your business app in a week and with fewer efforts. The best part is that you needn't have to use any complex programming languages for making the apps. So, opting for Adalo will enable you to design your app according to your wish and tastes.

In addition, this platform enables you to launch your business app on both the IOS and Android platforms.

Why Having Mobile and Web Apps is Immensely Important These Days?

What is the difference between an app and a webapp? - Quora

After the pandemic hit the world so badly, most businesses saw a sharp decline in sales and lost control. Small business companies have been affected a lot due to the lockdown restrictions. Many brick-and-mortar shops, showrooms, offices had to shut down for the extended lockdown restrictions. These aren't good signs at all.

However, amid the Covid-19 outbreak, a new way of business emerged. The online companies managed to earn the highest revenues in most of the segments. These days, the situation has started getting normalized. The stores, shops, shopping malls, and small companies have opened with the hope of getting good business.

However, smartphone dependency has been significantly increased. Nowadays, people are more likely to use smartphones for purchasing products or making contracts for services by using mobiles from home rather than physical visits. The ease of doing something from home somehow made the brick-and-mortar shops insignificant.

So, having an online presence has become mandatory to keep any business in such circumstances. Corporate organizations already have their web applications to serve potential users. However, small enterprises are lacking this feature these days.

So, keeping these in mind, the No code apps making platforms like "Adalo" are helping businesses struggling to sustain themselves.

What can Adalo do?

Adalo - Build Your Own No Code App

Well, choosing Adalo over the other available options has some significant reasons for sure. You can have some great ideas for making a business app. However, you may be tight on budget and scared to hire a web developer for the same.

You might be aware that you can be charged $60000 to launch a well-functional app with conventional app development for your business. Additionally, it can take time to complete all the associated app-developing tasks. So, choosing the traditional app development methods is associated with substantial monetary investment and requires a lot of time.

Considering other app-making tools depends on coding languages and templates. You are using such services, which can be problematic to navigate and customize. However, with Adalo, you don't have to worry about navigation and customization. You can build custom business apps without needing any complex code.

Adalo allows you to build apps with accessible drag-and-drop features for individual investors and big organizations. You can use default designs or even make your own according to your choice. It allows you to launch your app on both IOS and Android platforms with a subscription plan. And, even if you require any assistance in learning the process, practical with the free plan, you have tutorials to help you in a better way. Upon opting for the tutorials, you can get them through email. Apart from that, if you wish to get helping hands, the Adalo team of experts will always be with you for sure.

The Key Functionalities Of Adalo You Must Know!

Adalo App Showcase

Being a No code mobile app building platform, Adalo offers the following functionalities to its potential users from providing Application Templates to integrate.

  • App Integrations
  • Access Control
  • Integrations Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Version Control
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Debugging
  • Testing Management
  • Drag and drop Builder
  • Application Templates
  • Databases

Is Adalo free to use?

Adalo Pricing: Cost and Pricing plans

Well, Adalo offers free plans to its potential users. However, by opting for the free plans, you will not get the new features. With the free plan, you only get the Adalo domain to publish your business application. If you want to publish your business app on other popular platforms like Appel Store or Google Play Store, you need to register for their premium plans.

Opting for the starting premium plan will cost you $50 for a month with 5 GB of data storage and other facilities. Along with this, the highest premium plan will cost you $200/ month with 20 GB of data storage and other facilities.

Which is better, Adalo or Bubble?

Adalo VS Bubble: to each situation its platform

Adalo is the best way for anyone to quickly develop an MVP for different screen sizes. Also, it is easier to learn than Bubble (see this article to know what is Bubble) which has a longer learning curve, but you can keep it for the long term. Adalo is still young compared to Bubble.

If you want more details about Adalo vs Bubble you can read our article.


We hope that you are now more familiar with the new efficient tool, Adalo. Opting for Adalo can bring you multiple benefits, that's for sure. This platform has proven to be very successful in serving its valuable customers and has earned a good reputation. However, Adalo is much younger than its competitors in the market. As a result, there is a lot of room for improvement to ensure more satisfactory web application development services to its potential clients.

However, if this article has served you well and you have found what you were looking for, please give us your valuable feedback. If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments section. Our team of experts will do their best to answer them.

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