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Have a project in mind, but no clue where or how to start?

This intensive training will give you the keys to start your project with Bubble serenely. Our goal is to train you so that you are able to design and build your own platform or application yourself after these 3 weeks.

Hurry, places are limited to 10!

Bootcamp Sign Up

After a successful second bootcamp, we are looking for a second group of 10 people to train them on No-Code, in particular Bubble.

Once registered, we will call you to understand your needs and what you are looking for in this training.

End of registrations: July 26, 2021

The program is intensive, allow time outside the bootcamp to complete the exercises. (At least 2 hours more)

Dates from 05/08 to 23/08.

Technologies we will be using

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X Bootcamp

And why you should take it

3 weeks to launch your Bubble product

The pace of the bootcamp is fast but everything is done so that you can follow it as well as possible thanks to the replay of each visio, exercises to do every day and a Discord to discuss with our team Expertise

We have been working on Bubble for over 5 years. Before starting the training, we are specialized in Bubble development as an agency. We have already worked on and supported more than 50 projects for startups as well as international companies.

Launch your App without code

A bootcamp adapted for people starting on Bubble or even in Nocode. It is possible to participate without knowing the code. We have resources to help you succeed during the bootcamp.

What we do

We are entrepreneurs and we know that time is precious. Here, no bullshit, we go for the concrete and that's why at the end of the 3 weeks you will have made no less than 3 apps.

Practical advice

Because we work with many customers like startups or large companies, we have a method that allows us to have a "No-Code" Bubble that is easily readable and maintainable.

A strong demand

No-Code technologies such as Bubble are currently in high demand thanks to the speed of execution and the possibility for everyone to create their own application without technical skills.


Pre Registration for training

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Be able to create your first application and clone an existing service.


1st week: Discover Bubble

  • Repeating Group
  • States
  • Workflows
  • Database

2nd week: Create a Bubble app starting from Zero

Duplicate an existing service such as a Food Delivery Service

3rd week: Dedicated to your personal projects

You move forward on your projects and we will answer all your questions

Throughout the bootcamp, you will have access to our Discord to chat with us and ask us your questions.

All the videos are recorded so that you can access them to redo the exercises.


The price for this third session is € 1200 including tax. E-learning only possible from 500€.


Scheduled start: 03 October 2022
Duration of training: 3 weeks
Training time: 10 hours per week



  • Learn how to create your database
  • Building the pages
  • The process for creating an application
  • How to export your application on Android and iOS
  • And much more, according to your requests

You will have to perform exercises and then create an application. The goal is for you to be independent at the end of the session.

As a pre-registration bonus:

Provision of a tutorial platform on and Adalo scheduled for 2021



My name is François Lopez, I will be your trainer for the beginner Bubble bootcamp. After 15 years in entrepreneurship, training and new technologies, I completed my professional career as a coach and mental trainer for high level athletes. Learning is a need, and making others grow as well as sharing my knowledge are some of my sources of fulfilment. I came across no-code through the services of NoxCod. And it is quite naturally that I developed my skills on Bubble. I wanted to train people in a technology that has changed the way I work and is changing the world of development and digital. My goal will be to make this training accessible to everyone, whatever your background.

The purpose of this bootcamp is to train you in Bubble and after the 3 weeks you will be able to create your Bubble application while saving precious time on your research.

François Lopez


Here's what our former NoxCoders think


Going to the Noxcod Bubble Bootcamp is without a doubt one of my best investments in training. A step-by-step advancement, a simplified implementation and an attentive follow-up allow me today to calmly create the first version of our product.


Bubble training that I highly recommend. Trainer very educational and available to answer all questions 15 times if needed 😅. After this training I was able to start as a Bubble freelancer. At the top 👌🏾


NoCodeur Full Stack | Bubble



I don't have time to be online for 2 hours, is it possible to only access the videos?

Yes, it is now possible. The price starts from  € 500. You can access here in beta. It is only available in French for now.

What base do I need to have to carry out this bootcamp

This bootcamp is for people new to Bubble. We will go through everything. However, knowing how a database works can help.

We will be able to recommend content to you once registered.

I just registered, what are the next steps?

Well, first of all, thank you 🎉. Once you have registered, we will contact you within 48 hours in order to understand your expectations, answer your questions and then give you a link to validate your payment and thus secure your place for the bootcamp.

The bootcamp is limited to 10 people maximum.

How can I pay for the training?

Once registered, we will contact you. You will then have the choice of paying by credit card or by bank transfer. If you need to split the payment, contact us.

You are developers, why not put a payment directly on your page?

Good question! Today our goal is above all to validate our bootcamp concept and to be sure that it will meet your expectations.

Your feedback is therefore precious to us, and you will see it throughout the program, we will regularly ask your opinion in order to have the best Bootcamp Bubble format.

Is it possible to have the bootcamp physically?

Currently no, everything is done online. And every session is recorded so you can access it whenever you want.

How much time should I expect for the bootcamp?

For 3 weeks, we will have 2 hours a day of live. Allow at least 2 hours more per day to complete the exercises. With the second week being busy, the more time you have, the better 😀.

Since everything is recorded, you will always have the possibility of catching it on the WE. You will have access to a chat to chat with us.

Isn't 3 weeks too short?

3 weeks may seem short to you, but the goal is to give you all the tools to be independent on Bubble and to develop your application yourself.

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Every week a summary of the nocode news Bubble and Adalo, themes, plugins and much more.

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